What are Hamptons Kid’s Fitness Pods?

Physical activity in your home or in the great outdoors, where activities require special effort and create remarkable experiences. With Hamptons Kid’s Fitness Pods, students will grow, engage and develop through physical activity and play.

You can choose to schedule a pod during the day to break up your students home learning experience or you can form group as an after-school activity.

How do Hamptons Kid’s Fitness Pods Work?

Step 1 – Schedule an individual lesson or create a pod. Establishing a small group can help your child to socialize and help you to split the costs.

Step 2 – Contact Jen Smith. You will begin with a consultation and help you to navigate your specific needs.

Step 3 – Come to an agreement among pod members regarding COVID considerations.

Physical Empowerment

Physical engagement and the power of a positive mind are what Jen Smith calls the “X factors.” Combined, they are the most overlooked secret ingredient to your child’s thriving development and mental wellbeing.

The loss of academic and social aspects as well as physical activity and interaction of school can bring a palpable anxiety among the children and parents. In a time where there is an abundance of learning, Jen believes it is vital for the youth of today to continue to thrive physically and emotionally through physical, stimulation fun!

Kids are born to run and play free. Their growth and development needs physical play and human engagement. With a Hamptons Kid’s Fitness Pod children will be stretched and challenged.

Hamptons Kid's Fitness Pods

Life Coach for young kids

Hamptons Kid's Fitness Pod

Studies show children who are challenged physically, taught to dream and the power of a positive mindset and goal setting,  become champions of life and evolve into more impactful, happier adults.

Inside each child is an inner desire that fuels them. Purposeful, physical activity and mental mindset channel each young person to become the absolute best person of themselves as they grow and make their mark on society.

Uncap their greatest potential and gifts early, help them realize this greatest gifts and find their confidence as they develop and impact the future of themselves and society.


To creating an environment that allows students to understand and to display cooperative social skills, teamwork, peer interaction, leadership, sportsmanship, positive attitude, self-esteem, and enjoyment.


To promote lifelong learning recognizing the value of personal development in the physical, affective and cognitive domains. Furthermore, to instill individual ownership in the continual growth necessary to be a responsible, productive and contributing member of society.

Hamptons Kid's Fitness Pod
Hamptons Kid's Fitness Pods


A curricula is planned and developed after a detailed assessment of yours and you childs specific interests and goals. The goal of the  activities planned is to increase the physical competence, health-related fitness, self-responsibility and enjoyment of physical activity for all students so that they can be physically active for a lifetime. Well planned, well-implemented physical education programs provide these lifelong benefits.

  • Improved Physical Fitness
  • Skill Development
  • Regular, Healthful Physical Activity
  • Support in Academic Subject Areas
  • Self Discipline
  • Improved Judgment
  • Stress Reduction
  • Strengthened Peer Relationships
  • Improved Self-confidence and Self-esteem
    Experience Setting Goals
  • Become Dreamers
  • Develop a Winning and Serving Mindset

Who is Your Child’s Instructor?

Jen Smith is your child’s instructor.  She is a NYS physical education and health certified teacher, successful business woman and author of Launch Your Rocket.

Jen is married with 3 young adult daughters.  All three are decorated division 1 scholar athletes. Alexa, the oldest, is following her passion in medicine and is on track to be a Physicians Assistant. Caitlin will be using her spirit of service to impact young children as an Elementary School Teacher.  Belle, the youngest, is a USA Lacrosse Gold Medalist and is currently studying and playing at Boston College.

All of them had on thing in common. They were raised by a dreamer and a mom who placed tremendous value in physical activity and positive mindset, helping to realize untapping  their limitless potential. Most importantly, realizing their gifts so they could live a purpose driven life.

What qualifies Jen most to navigate your childs next adventure is Jen’s insatiable desire to bring out the best in young children through her love of movement and her positive mental mindset.

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Hamptons Kid's Fitness Pod Hamptons Kid's Fitness Pod


75 minute sessions

Individual  – $150

Small Groups:
2-3 Students $100/each
4-6 Students $75/each
7 or more – Rates TBD

Multiple Sibling Discount 15%

10 Pack – 10% Discount Available

Recommended Times:
Integrated into your child’s educational pod.
After school.

Hamptons Kid's Fitness Pod

Covid-19 Policy

Our COVID-19 policy for in-person coaching adhere’s to the following core requirements:

  • Kid’s In Motion coach and students must wear masks if they are within six feet of one another.

  • Kid’s In Motion coach and students/parents/guardians must inform one another of any COVID-19 symptoms as soon as they occur and suspend in-person lessons immediately.